The Support Program to the Effectiveness and the Quality of the Partnerships "Ivory Coast - European Union" (SEQUACI) starts its implementation

The European Union trusts in Eptisa to carry out specific support and technical audit missions in the framework of cooperation activities

March 30, 2015

The European Commission has awarded Eptisa a new contract to carry out external missions of technical audit and specialized expertise in the framework of cooperation activities, within the Support Program to the Effectiveness and the Quality of the Partnerships “Ivory Coast – European Union” (SEQUACI).

The overall objective of this contract is to complement the monitoring activities of the Coordination Cell with missions, to ensure the achievement of the ongoing and futures cooperation programme results of the EU in Ivory Coast.

The European Union finances many projects throughout the Ivorian territory through different funding sources (EDF and EU budget lines) and in different areas of intervention such as governance, justice, Human Rights, disaster reduction, support to non-state actors and local authorities, public finance, health, vocational training, rural development, support to sugar, banana and cotton chains, food safety, transport, drinking water and sanitation, energy and environment.

The EDF National Authorising Officer, represented by the Minister of Economy and Finances, is supported in Ivory Coast by a Coordination Cell of the Ivory Coast-EU cooperation (IC-EU CCC) led by a National Authorising substitute. He assumes the project management of all the projects financed by the EDF and the actions in the framework of Banana and sugar chains. He is also in charge of the collaboration with the European Union Delegation, and the monitoring of programs.

In order to achieve this, the IC-EU CCC and the European Union Delegation have many instruments at their disposal such as: activity reports, field missions by their respective agents and those of technical Ministries, ad hoc meetings between stakeholders of the project, ad hoc audit and evaluation led by technical assistant, ROM missions, steering committees and the projects monitoring.

Indeed, during 3 years, Eptisa will provide about 335 days of short-term experts in very different fields for technical audit, monitoring, evaluation and ad hoc expert missions. These planned missions will allow obtaining as expected outcome a close monitoring of the European Union Cooperation in Ivory Coast through the collection and qualitative and quantitative information analysis of EU cooperation activities in Ivory Coast.

The achievement of this outcome will contribute to identify and to respond quickly to possible implementation issues and the ownership of the project/contract results of the cooperation between the European Union and Ivory Coast.

 The Support Program to the Effectiveness and the Quality of the Partnerships