The institutional strengthening project EURO +LABOR to boost decent work in Honduras starts its implementation

The Programme EURO+LABOR will help strengthen the capacities of the Government of Honduras for the promotion of decent work

September 02, 2015

The European Commission has awarded Eptisa, in consortium with the companies Archidata an Project Group, a new contract of Technical Assistance which aims to strengthen the institutions’ capacities in order to foster decent work in Honduras (EURO+LABOR).

The project, whose beneficiary is the Secretariat of Labour and Social Security (SLSS), will initially last six years (60 months).

The main purpose of the Programme is linked to the priorities of the Government of Honduras and based on the National Plan: “A country with decent employment opportunities for the population”. The specific objective is to improve the capacities of the Government in order to systematically promote decent work and reduce underemployment and unemployment.

In this context, Eptisa will provide Technical Assistance (TA) to the SLSS and other relevant parties to the project’s execution, via monitoring activities, supervision, consultancy, and facilitation of coordination processes.

It is expected that the project will allow reaching the following results:

  • Definition and setting up of a common action framework between the Government and the social interlocutors (employers and employees) in order to face and solve employment issues.
  • Support the SLSS in strengthening its capacities in order to increase its functions with regards to the promotion of decent work.
  • Access to the benefits of decent and productive work for the employees and employers of fourteen municipalities.
  • Creation of processes that facilitate the integration and interconnection of the information systems currently dispersed, with the aim to establish bases for an information system about employment, production and social security.
  • Performance of the administrative and financial management tasks required for the good implementation of the Programme.

 The institutional strengthening project EURO +LABOR to boost decent work in Honduras starts its implementation