The consortium formed by IControlt and Open Systems and Eptisa will develop and implement the cadastral, commercial and geographic information system for the management of users of the INAPA's drinking water supply and sanitation network in Dominican Republic

The project is aimed to improve the INAPA's commercial, operative and administrative management which will result in the improvement of the user’s service quality

November 12, 2014

The National Water and Sewerage Authority (INAPA) of Dominican Republic has awarded the DRWMS consortium, formed by IControlt as leader, Open Systems SAS and Eptisa, a new contract for the development and implementation of a cadastral system of the drinking water supply and sanitation network users, and a technological information system, including commercial and geographic information.

The main objective of the project is to standardize and integrate all information related to the network user’s on a common database to improve the commercial management of the clients and users and the management of the drinking water supply and sanitation network in the municipalities under the jurisdiction of INAPA.

IControlt will carry out the cadastral system of users using GPS technology in the area of the project, creating updated base maps from high resolution satellite images and transferring know-how to INAPA’s staff in data collecting using GPS and mobile devices. IControlt will be also responsible for the purchase of hardware for the implementation of the commercial and GIS systems and will provide structured spatial information as an input to the systems previously mentioned.

The commercial management system, implemented by Open Systems, will be developed to contain the industry best practices and the appropriate procedures to guarantee the systematic update of the census. Thus allow to improve the operative and administrative services of INAPA both at headquarters and regional and local offices.

Eptisa will carry out the project management and the design, definition, development and implementation of the Geographical Information System. The Cadastral System of Users will include updated geographical information with the base maps and will provide INAPA with an effective and efficient tool for the commercial and operative management, the billing and payment of the service offered in different municipalities.

With this project, the INAPA will update its organization by providing resources, both human and technological, which will improve the work flows and procedures, allowing the decentralization of services in the provinces that have been grouped in regional offices.

Within the project, the consortium will provide the necessary technological equipment for the correct operation of the commercial and GIS systems, as well as the capacity building of the technicians of the INAPA for training all staff involved in the system. Following the launch, the consortium will support INAPA in the operation of the system and all its components for a year.

Thanks to the implementation of those technological systems, the INAPA will improve the commercial, technical-operative and administrative management of the headquarters offices and the coverage of its services in the municipalities under its jurisdiction, because all management will be done though a standardized and integrated common database with procedures for its updating and maintenance.