The 20th Anniversary of Eptisa presence in Romania

During this 20 years of activity it has been implemented 70 projects in Romania and Moldova

April 28, 2014

Romania was one of the first markets in East Europe in which Eptisa began its activities in 1994, by advising the central administration on the strengthening of ministerial capabilities in areas such as water and environmental protection, health and transportation, through the development of policies, standards, legislation approximation for compliance with the acquis communautaire, cost estimate systems, financial planning and training.

In the early stages, Eptisa has offered consulting services with the aim of improving management of public services and decentralization and assistance in meeting the compliance with EU Directives, as well as preparation of applications for EU pre-accession funds for environmental infrastructure. In the years 2000, our engineering activities had been consolidated and became our core sector of delivery. In 2004, Eptisa formally established a subsidiary, Eptisa Romania, with headquarters in Bucharest, which managed the necessary capabilities to meet the demands of an increasingly complex and difficult market, and positioned itself as a top engineering company in Romania.

Since its establishment in Romania, Eptisa has grown continuously, and its leadership in engineering and consulting services is now consolidated, with a team of over 120 permanent professionals and 80 permanent collaborators, prepared to support the implementation of its projects. The strong presence on the local market has allowed Eptisa to be near its clients in sectors such as water, waste management, energy, transport infrastructure and building.

Currently, Eptisa is carrying out its activities through its headquarter in Bucharest, 3 regional offices in Craiova, Iaşi and Cluj-Napoca and over 15 local project offices in the country’s key cities. Given the success and resources in Romania, Eptisa is also managing the activities on the market of Republic of Moldova.

Since the beginning, Eptisa continuously developed and widened its services in Romania. During this time Eptisa has offered consulting services with the aim of improving management of public services and decentralization of the environment sector. As well as the inspection and supervision of infrastructure projects in the fields of water, transport and building.

If 20 years ago Eptisa's activity was focussing mainly on institutional strengthening and capacity building, in the present days, the consultancy services in the field of environmental infrastructure, and more specifically in the water and wastewater area, are the most important fields of activity of Eptisa, having a well trained team, capable to successfully fulfil all the activities and projects in which is engaged. We are providing complete services, from master planning, feasibility studies to detailed design, to works supervision and project management, as well as implementing turnkey projects for water supply and sewerage systems.

Our services also include the implementation of GIS systems for networks, hydraulic modelling, leak detection and development of SCADA systems to ensure monitoring and control. Eptisa developed turnkey projects for waste water treatment plants.

We have also been carrying out significant projects of supervision of works for waste management integrated systems, as well as design and supervision industrial facilities and public buildings (hospitals, courts of law). Lately, we have also developed consulting services to identify, promote and finance energy efficiency projects, alongside services of supervision of works to modernize district heating facilities in large cities.

Eptisa has contracted over 110 million EURO in 70 projects in Romania and Moldova in the fields of environmental infrastructure, institutional development, civil and industrial constructions and transports, and has assisted in the implementation of investments of approx. 3 billion EURO.

 The 20th Anniversary of Eptisa presence in Romania