New performances at the Renault Factory in Valladolid, Spain

Eptisa will design an extension of a covered ramp between the industrial buildings "C.P.L." and "Pintura" as well as “Chapa 2” in its north façade

May 18, 2017

Eptisa has started two new projects at the Renault Factory in Valladolid in 2017.

The first contract includes the extension of the covered ramp from 8.10 m to a final width of 13.60 m, which is used for the transfer of pieces between the "C.P.L." and "Pintura" industrial buildings.

The second project consists of the extension of 18,200 m2 of the "Chapa 2" industrial building in its north façade, designed in a metallic structure with pillars alignments every 20 m (20 x 20 grid) and a height of 8.5 m.

In addition to these two actions, it is planned to design the urbanization annexed to the new industrial building including a new perimeter road, a new maneuvering area, parking and adjoining green areas. The projects also include diversion of infrastructure affected by the new expansion (sanitation, etc.) as well as demolitions of existing buildings in this area.

The Factory of Valladolid is the heir of the first factory that the Renault Group founded in Spain, which includes the Car Body - Assembly Plant and the Motors Factory. The Car Body unit was inaugurated in 1966 and the Assembly unit in 1972, both merged in 1995. In 2011 the electric vehicle workshop was created.

The Car Body - Assembly plant is a supplier of parts and components for 17 factories of the Renault-Nissan Alliance. In addition to the parts for the Twizy and Captur models, it serves more than 800 sheet metal references for 19 Renault and Nissan vehicles, as well as parts for spare parts stores.

The Motors Factory, which was founded in 1965, has three workshops: Motors 1 and 2, where the pieces are machined with the most innovative technologies, and Motors 3, in which the assembly of the various elements of the motors is developed. This plant supplies engines to 20 factories distributed on 4 continents and 78% of production is exported by the Renault, Nissan, Dacia, Samsung and Daimler brands.

 New performances at the Renault Factory in Valladolid, Spain