Initial meetings for Strategic Environmental Assessment pilot processes scheduled in Ankara

In this project Eptisa supports the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization in creation of legal, institutional, administrative, technical conditions for full and effective implementation of the EU Directive 2001/42/EC on Strategic Environmental Assessment

January 12, 2015

Informative meetings for each one of the four pilot Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) processes to be executed within the scope of the Technical Assistance for Implementation of the By-Law on Strategic Environmental Assessment, implemented by Eptisa, will be held in Ankara. The four selected sectors and related Plans/Programmes with their proponent Authorities are reported in the below table, together with the scheduled dates of the respective Initial meetings:



Plan - Programme

Date and time

Regional Development

Ankara Development Agency

Ankara Regional Plan 2014 - 2023



Renewable Energy

Energy and Natural Resources

(General Directorate of Renewable Energy)

Konya-Karapınar Energy

Specialized Industrial Zones



Water Management

Forestry and Water Affairs

(General Directorate of Water Affairs)

Büyük Menderes

Draft River Basin Management Plan




Agriculture, Food and Livestock

(General Directorate of Agricultural Reform)

Bozcaada Gökçeada

Agricultural Master Plan



The informative meetings shall provide an opportunity to introduce SEA methods and procedures for these sectors. During the Initial meetings, stakeholders related with the selected sectors will discuss the existing status, future trends and plans for each area. The inputs from the discussion will serve in preparation of the 4 SEA Scoping Reports, to be drafted by the SEA Experts Team of Eptisa within the Technical Assistance, and submitted to the competent Authority (MoEU) for approval by March/April 2015.

The Scoping Reports will describe the main elements of the proposed methodological approach, procedural steps and milestones, as well as a preliminary overview of the key issues to be addressed by the SEA analysis and Environmental Reports, expected to be completed (draft version) by end of 2015. Both Scoping and SEA Environmental Reports will be presented and discussed through participatory process and meetings with all stakeholders and concerned parties.

 Initial meetings for Strategic Environmental Assessment pilot processes scheduled in Ankara