Eptisa will prepare the flood risk maps and the flood prone maps in the Cantabrian Hydrographic Demarcation

The works will fulfil the European Flood Directive that sets 2013 as deadline to undertake these prevention tasks in all basins

July 08, 2011

Eptisa, the Spanish engineering company, has been commissioned by the Ministry of the Environment and Rural and Marine Affairs to carry out the works for the "Technical Assistance for the adaptation and development of a National Cartographic System of Flood Zones in the Cantabrian Hydrographic Demarcation". The contract has a budget of € 2,761,485.68 and will strengthen the existing collaboration between Eptisa and the aforementioned Confederation in all aspects related to hydrologic-hydraulic and environmental actions. The period for carry out the works is two years, and will allow fulfilling the deadline established by the European Flood Directive for all European Union countries, that expires in December 2013.

The works undertaken by Eptisa will response to the new Royal Decree on Evaluation and Management of Flood Risks, focusing on the preparation of a Preliminary Evaluation of the Floods Risk. After that, they will carry out the development of the flood risk maps and the flood prone maps of this Demarcation.

The task entrusted Eptisa will entail the combination of methodologies of historical floods analysis and geomorphologic analysis with hydrologic and hydraulic methodologies. The flood zones maps will be done with a high-precision LIDAR Digital Terrain Model, which will allow achieving a great detail in the results, as well as exploiting all the potential of two-dimensional hydraulic models.

This project is joining to the others recently carried out by Eptisa both in Spain and Turkey and the execution works in Serbia. It’s a growth business area inside the company, due to the increase of the flood risks that could result from the climate change and the special sensitivity of the European Union over this matter. Particularly, this worry is reflected in the Directive 2007/60/CE of the European Parliament and the Council, on the evaluation and management of flood risks.

Since its creation, Eptisa has develop a strong activity in the hydrology, hydraulic and environment field, collaborating with both national and international organism in studies related to Hydrological Planning, Hydraulic Infrastructures, Integral Management of the Hydraulic Public Domain and Environmental Assessments.
 Eptisa will prepare the flood risk maps and the flood prone maps in the Cantabrian Hydrographic Demarcation