Eptisa will carry out the detailed design for one of Georgia's important highways

This is the second project implemented in the region in the field of transport

April 29, 2011

The consortium led by Eptisa, and with the participation of the Georgian company "Transport", has been awarded by the Roads Department of the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia a new contract co-financed by the Georgian government and the World Bank to improve a section of the Georgian East-West Highway.

The improvement of the transport system has a double purpose. On the one hand it will reduce the cost of transport by road and stimulate trade with neighboring countries, as well as attract foreign investments. On the other hand this project will help decrease congestion delays and improve road safety in the section crossing populated areas (villages and the city of Kashuri), and consequently the well being and safety of the population affected.

To implement this project, Eptisa has to provide detailed design for the enlargement of the two-lane carriageway into four on the mountainous section of Ruisi-Rikoti which represents 45 km. of the Georgian East-West Highway.

This work includes the preparation of detailed drawings for all elements of road works including detailed analysis of all junctions, drainage, safety facilities, etc.; topographical surveys and review of all hydrological, drainage and any other relevant data required; and a detailed Resettlement Action Plan and Environmental Assessment. They will also prepare the tender documentation for the procurement of works contracts.

Eptisa works in Georgia since 2008 and is currently implementing 3 regional environmental projects. Moreover, given the increasing need to improve the transport infrastructure in Georgia and their expertise and outstanding track record of transport infrastructure projects, Eptisa was awarded with the Kakheti traffic safety project in 2010 and now will implement this second project in the country.

 Eptisa will carry out the detailed design for one of Georgia's important highways