Eptisa will carry out project management and works supervision to improve tourism infrastructure in Laos

The main tourist facilities to enhance are located in Khammouane, Luangprabang, and Oudonxay Provinces

November 10, 2015

The Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism of Lao PDR, through the Department of Tourism Development, has awarded Eptisa a new contract to carry out project management and civil engineering supervision within the "Greater Mekong Subregion Tourism Infrastructure for Inclusive Growth Project", financed by the Asian Development Bank.

Tourism is one of the sectors with the highest historical economic growth within the Greater Mekong Region, so the overall project is aimed at promoting continued development of this sector. And more specifically, this technical assistance is aimed to improve the quality of tourist attractions in secondary tourist destinations in Lao PDR such as Khammouane, Luangprabang, and Oudonxay Provinces through improving their infrastructure.

The main tourist attraction and the facilities to enhance of each province are as follows:

Within the Khammouane Province, it will be improved road connection to Highway 12 and a bridge to cross the Xiengliep River, and it will be provided sanitation facilities and amenities for visitors of Tham Xang cave. And in the Pha That Sikhottabong Stupa, one of Laos’ most sacred sites, it will be carried out flood protection measures and improvements to visitors’ facilities.

In the Luangprabang Province the five tourist attractions selected are as follows.

  • Ban Xang Hai: Upgrading the 1.5km link road from Highway 13N to Ban Xang Hai; upgrading the access to the village by boat by upgrading the walkway from the pontoon to dry land; upgrading generally visitor facilities in the village.
  • Ban Pak Ou: Upgrading the 8km link road from Highway 13N to Ban Xang Hai and on to Pak Ou village.
  • Tham Ting & Tham Theung cave: Improvement the access by boat increasing the number of piers, the tourist reception facilities and the sanitation facilities.
  • Chomphet, Ban Xieng Mene: Improvement the access by boat and the road from the ferry landing to the market place.
  • Chomphet Ban Chan Neua: Providing sanitation facilities; upgrading access by ferry; improvement footpaths inside the village.

The Oudomxay Province is a very mountainous region on the Chinese border and very isolated from the rest of the country. The remoteness of the region and its natural un-spoilt environment makes it suitable for ecotourism and adventure tourism sectors. The main tourist attraction to enhance is Chom Ong cave, where an improvement access and visitor facilities will be carried out.

In all works Eptisa will assist the Project Coordination Unit (PCU) and provincial Project Implementation Units (PIUs) with detailed design and construction supervision, with safeguards compliance and social development. It will also provide project management and administrative support to PCU and PIUs, particularly regarding project benefit monitoring and evaluation and project reporting.

This is our second ADB financed project in Lao PDR, and a new milestone in our consolidation process in the country and also in Southeast Asia, where we started working in 2011 with a World Bank financed project in the wastewater sector in Vietnam.

Eptisa currently counts on a Regional hub located in Manila that allows us to be close to our clients, a key element for our success in the region, where we have signed a total of four contracts in the period 2014-2015. We deeply believe that our international experience combined with our local approach will continue bringing new achievements to Eptisa in the near future.

 Eptisa will carry out project management and works supervision to improve tourism infrastructure in Laos