Eptisa will carry out an informative study about the new South railway access to Castellon Port (Spain)

In this study we will only analyze freight transported by train

April 01, 2011

The General Directorate of Railway Infrastructures has awarded to Eptisa a new contract to carry out an Informative Study of the new South railway access to the Castellon Port.

This informative study is the first carried out in Eptisa with these characteristics, because it only analyzes freight transported by train. It is worth mentioning that Castellon port represents about 5% of freight traffic of the total peninsular ports of general interest.

In this informative study will be defined the route and the number of railway tracks needed to fulfil the port demand, specifying the more convenient gauge: Iberian (1.668mm) or international (1.435mm), and connecting the new tracks with the General Interest Railway Network (as high speed line and as conventional line network)

Moreover, it will be necessary to design a railway station with an interchange freight platform between trucks, trains and ships. The access to the Castellon port by road will be studied coordinated with the technicians of the Port Authority of Castellon, Adif, Castellon City Hall, Comunidad Valenciana and Ministry of Public Works.