Eptisa will carry out a new supervision project in Bistrita-Nasaud, Romania

This will be the third project implemented in the region

February 14, 2011

Last January Eptisa was awarded a new contract in Romania in order to provide technical assistance to the Regional Water Operator, SC AQUABIS SA, for the supervision of seven works that has to carry out inside the project "Extension and Modernisation of the water and waste water infrastructure in Bistrita-Nasaud County".

This project, that has a budget of 2.3 million Euro and it will be developed until July 2015, will benefit 7 urban agglomerations: Bistrita, Nasaud, Beclean, Salva, Sangeorz Bai, Feldru and Maieru.

The global objective is to improve the water and waste water infrastructure in Bistrita- Nasaud County by the rehabilitation, extension and construction of water and sewage networks and comply with the requirements of the Environmental Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and European Directives on drinking water.

And more specifically, the project wants to:

  • reduce the risks on human health related to the not treated or insufficiently treated water discharges, as well as elimination of the flood risks;
  • reduce the operational costs for the management of the drinking water and sewage systems;
  • ensure compliance with the Directive CE 86/278/EEC on safe sludge disposal
  • ensure compliance with the national and European legislation during the agreed transition period for the environmental sector
  • ensure adequate absorption and use of European cohesion funds

Eptisa is presently implementing two works contracts in the region: Technical Assistance for the Supervision of Integrated Waste Management System Contracts in Bistrita-Nasaud County and ISPA Bistrita - Technical Assistance for the management and supervision of the construction works whose Beneficiary is also AQUABIS.

 Eptisa will carry out a new supervision project in Bistrita-Nasaud, Romania