Eptisa renews the E.S.P.El. (Specialized Consultant for Quality Control) contract for 15 Million in Greece

The Spanish engineering extends the work of audit and quality control for all the projects in Greece co-funded by European Funds for 3 years more

March 21, 2011

Eptisa, the Spanish group of engineering services, has been recently awarded a new contract for 15 million Euro in Greece. Eptisa will carry out the work of specialized consultant for audit, quality control, and corresponding laboratory tests for all projects in Greece co-funded by the European Union. The contract has been awarded to Eptisa by the Ministry of Economy, Competitiveness and Shipping of Greece and in practice will mean maintaining and extending the work that has been already carried out in the country within this field of specialization during 3 at least years more.

The activity of Eptisa covers the audits of the contracts and quality systems of the contractors and the site representative units, sampling, laboratory testing, and contrast tests, institutional support to the Client and Public Authorities for improving project management process and supervision procedures of the jobs and quality management.

Eptisa signed initially a contract in February 2008 with de Ministry of Economy and Finance in Greece for the same scope with a value of approx. 12.5 million Euro. This contract is nearing completion, and Eptisa has responded very satisfactorily to all the requirements, so the Greek State awarded the new contract according to the provisions of the initial contract.

Eptisa has established a nationwide organization with a staff of 75 people, high tech IT systems, distributed in regional offices in the cities of Athens, Ioannina, Larisa and Xanhti, and also one large scale laboratory, accredited for a number of civil tests, and considered the best in the Balkan area, which is also located in Larisa.

With the new contract, the regional offices network will be extended to the island of Crete, and possibly other centres.

 Eptisa renews the E.S.P.El. (Specialized Consultant for Quality Control) contract for 15 Million in Greece