Eptisa participates in the works for the enlargement of the WWTP of the city of Burgos

The services include, among others, preparation of technical specifications, supervision of drawing up the detailed design and control and supervision of the enlargement works

September 02, 2013

The WWTP of Burgos started its operation in February 1984 and since then it has experienced some refurbishments and enlargements which have allowed significantly improve the exploitation. During the last years, some municipalities and industrial parks adjacent to the city have made numerous requests to connect them to the general sewerage network of the city of Burgos.

At the same time, the industrial land has increased in the Villalonquéjar Industrial Park for the creation of important industrial activities. This will impact on the sanitation infrastructure, which will integrate flows and additional charges. To do this, and within the general collaboration agreement between the Ministry of Environment and Rural and Marine Affairs and the Regional Government of Castilla y Leon, the state water company “Sociedad Aguas de las Cuencas de España (Acuaes)” undertakes the assignment “Sanitation of Burgos: Enlargement of the WWTP and sewerage pipes of connection”.

Within the framework of this assignment, Eptisa was awarded the contract of consultancy and technical assistance to draw up the technical specifications and to support in the appraisal of tenders submitted by the works contract bidders, as well as to support the management of the drawing up of the detailed design and of carrying out expropriation works, control and supervision of the work to enlarge the Burgos WWTP.

Eptisa provides specialised engineering and technical assistance services to Acuaes in all stages of the bidding and subsequent works execution: Preparation of the specifications for drawing up the detailed design and the works execution, technical assessment of the tenders submitted by the bidders for the contract of works, supervision and support to the contract management during the drawing up the detailed design and works control and supervision and Health and Safety coordination.

The process to prepare the specifications and the selection of the awarded to the project and works was developed along 2012, being awarded to the Joint Venture formed by the companies Copasa, Pasavant, Degremont and Socamex. In the first half of 2013 was developed the detailed design and the works started on August. The finalization of the works is planned for December 2015.

The final solution adopted includes an enlargement of the capacity of the WWTP, from current 100,000 m3/d to 156,504 m3/d, complying with the discharge guarantee required by the laws currently in force. This flow, taking into account the expected contaminant concentrations, result in a design load over one million inhabitants equivalent.

For each process lines of the treatment, the approved solution will modify or enlarge the infrastructure assets, if necessary, for the new needs.

The new installations will be located in the opposite plot, on the left bank of the river Arlanzón due to the impossibility to expand the plant in another direction. For that reason, it is also expected to construct a bridge to cross the river, and other structure elements and urbanization.
 Eptisa participates in the works for the enlargement of the WWTP of the city of Burgos