Eptisa participates in the panel discussion organized by Association of Architects in Turkey

The Panel Discussion on "Design and Reconstruction Supervision Project for 44 Schools in Istanbul" aimed to bring together the designer and the relevant stakeholders to discuss about the design and implementation process

October 13, 2015

The Association of Architects in Turkey (TSMD) has been established in 1987 as a non-governmental organization to improve implementations and efficiency of architecture profession, and to raise awareness about the architecture in the society. Members of the Association are composed of several architectural offices which are involved in the most important projects as designers in Turkey and abroad. TSMD also organizes events, panel discussions, conferences and exhibitions, awards prizes and publishes written materials.

Within the scope of this organization, Series of Panel Discussions for Projects of Turkey have been commenced. On this opportunity, architectural products in different typologies for the projects where construction period has been commenced or completed will be discussed together with the designers and the relevant stakeholders. In frame of this series of panel discussions, architectural, social and cultural aspects of the architectural products in different typologies will be also taken into account.

As the first step of this organization, representatives of Eptisa, Dolsar and Uygur Joint Venture and the Client, Istanbul Project Coordination Unit, has been discussed about the project "Design and Reconstruction Supervision Project for 44 Schools in Istanbul", where the Joint Venture is the Consultant.

The schools have been designed and reconstructed within the scope of Project namely Istanbul Seismic Risk Mitigation and Emergency Preparedness (ISMEP) which aims to enhance the institutional and technical capacity of the emergency management related institutions; raise public awareness in emergency preparedness and response, feasibility studies of the priority public buildings against seismic risks and as to assessment reports the retrofitting or reconstruction of these buildings; inventory of cultural heritage buildings and carry out seismic risk assessment of selected buildings, prepare retrofitting project designs; and to take supportive measures for effective building code enforcement to prepare Istanbul for a potential earthquake.

While the project is aiming to improve educational buildings against seismic risks, also attracts a great deal of attention by having different type of designs and the materials used during construction period. During the panel discussion, it is also emphasized that social sustainability and environmental consciousness have been taken into account during the project despite having difficulties in the sector. However, as a result of the effort made by Eptisa, Dolsar and Uygur JV during design and construction supervision, the project has been implemented successfully, and in 38 of 44 schools educational period has already been commenced with the satisfaction of all concerned parties.

 Eptisa participates in the panel discussion organized by Association of Architects in Turkey