Eptisa participates in the Etopia Center for Art & Technology in Zaragoza

It’s developing an R+D+i project in one of the laboratories of the Urban Milla Lab

December 09, 2013

The Center for Art & Technology in Zaragoza (eTopia), consists of three new generation buildings of over 16.000 m2. These buildings were designed to house and promote the most innovative creative and entrepreneurial projects in the area of the “Milla Digital”. This Center is an open space to all citizens, companies and artists or designers, while working as a contemporary culture centre, showcase of the most avant-garde artistic expressions, artists and technologists’ workshop, space for specialized training in the new fields arisen from the intersection of art and technology, laboratory of ideas for the digital city and new business incubator.

Eptisa is part of the Urban Milla Lab, an space within Etopia created for play the role of laboratory R+D+i of the smart city, developing the project “Digital inventory of infrastructures and collaborative control board system of the city”.

This project starts from the experience obtained thanks to the systems spread in the Ecocity Valdespartera. It looks after the economic and environmental impact of the proposal and investigates a sustainable model for the implementation in other areas of the city, with important innovations for both administration (in the field of efficient infrastructures management) and general public.

 Eptisa participates in the Etopia Center for Art & Technology in Zaragoza