Eptisa inks a new contract in the field of water infrastructure in Romania

The project consist of the modernization of the drinking and waste water infrastructure in Caras Severin County

October 31, 2012

The regional water operator, S.C. AQUACARAS S.A., has awarded to Eptisa a new contract in Romania named “Technical Assistance for Project Management “Modernization of the Drinking and Waste Water Infrastructure in Caras Severin County””, with EUR 2,260,000 of investment.

The general objective of this project is to comply with the objectives of the Priority Axe 1 from SOP (Sectorial Operational Program) Environment. Therefore, the project has as specific objectives achieve total compliance with the EU Directives and the Romanian legislation in the water supply, collection and treatment field; and increase the degree of water supply and sewage to the population up to 100% in the related agglomerations.

The project, which is being developed from September 2012 to December 2015, represents an important step in the general rehabilitation and extension process of the water supply and sewage infrastructure in Caras Severin County, by developing the following specific activities:

  • Extension/rehabilitation of the main intake pipes from the water source and modernisation of the water treatment stations;
  • Rehabilitation and extension of the water tanks, pumping stations, water supply plants and of the drinking water supply networks;
  • Rehabilitation and extension of the wastewater collection and treatment systems;
  • Reduction of water loss;
  • Reduction of the infiltrations and exfiltrations in the sewage network.

During this first project implemented with Aquacaras Water Company, Eptisa will have to ensure an efficient management for project implementation by (a) providing qualified and efficient support to the Regional Operator in Project management for successful project implementation, in accordance with the provisions of the Financing Contract; (b) providing conditions for a modern and efficient management of the drinking water and sewage networks within the agglomerations; (c) improving and hydraulic modelling of the water networks; (d) providing conditions for reduction of the water loss in the water networks (e) providing an adequate publicity and correct information of the population regarding construction works proposed in the Project; (f) providing optimum implementation of the works contracts; (g) ensuring that the wastes resulted from the technological process of the future treatment station would be deposited in optimum conditions, as regards the environmental protection issue; (h) and updating the Master Plan for water and sewage in the region.

Due to the complexity of the project – number of activities, number and geographical distribution of the works contracts, structure of the team of experts, legal framework for implementation of such project financed by SOP Environment – Eptisa will adopt and work with specific management methods.

Presently, Eptisa implements other large scale supervision and project management contracts financed by the Cohesion Fund in 13 counties from Romania.

 Eptisa inks a new contract in the field of water infrastructure in Romania