Eptisa improved the water supply system in Cazaclia, Ceadir-Lunga area of Moldova Republic

At the end of august, we has finalized the first objective within the most important investments program developed in the water and sewage sector in Moldova Republic

September 05, 2013

As a Consultant and FIDIC Engineer, Eptisa provided technical assistance and supervision of works in all 6 areas involved in the program, two from each part of Moldova: South Region - Leova and Ceadir Lunga, Central Region - Orhei and Hînceşti, North Region - Floreşti and Soroca, as well as for the 30 villages included in these centres. In Cazaclia village, from Ceadîr-Lunga area, Eptisa completed the extension works of the water supply system, by putting into operation an aqueduct with a length of about 30,5 km, rehabilitation of three wells, drilling new wells and construction of three water towers, for the benefit of 6600 inhabitants of the village.

The objective of Moldova Water Utilities Development Program, financed from the EBRD, EIB and EU funds, is to improve the water and sewage sector and to create models of independent operators who provide high standard services. The investments made within the project represent an opportunity for development of the area as well as an important step in meeting the priorities for improving the quality of life and to improve the environmental conditions for compliance with EU standards.

Eptisa delivers consultancy services for the institutional strengthening and construction supervision services for 6 Municipalities of the Republic of Moldova, as it follows: Floresti, Soroca, Orhei, Ceadir-Lunga, Hincesti and Leova, as included in Moldova Water Utilities Development Program.

Eptisa fulfils all the necessary duties in the capacity as “Engineer”, as defined in the FIDIC Conditions of Contract, for the supervision of the 6 works contracts within these regions, targeting a population of 210.000 inhabitants and having as objective rehabilitation and extension of the water supply and sewage systems in the region.

The project will be developed during May 2011 – October 2014. Our presence in the region has given us, among others, the possibility of establishing a strong professional network. And our reputation in institutional strengthening for public authorities and providers of municipal services was the key of the project successes.

 Eptisa improved the water supply system in Cazaclia, Ceadir-Lunga area of Moldova Republic