Eptisa implements a new Road Safety Audit Project in the State of Bihar in India

The project includes the safety audit of approximately 110,000 km of rural roads

December 13, 2019

The State of Bihar has a road network of 142,610 km, of which 20,068 km (about 12%) are managed under the Road Construction Department (RCD) and 127,723 km (about 88%) is under the Rural Works Department (RWD) and classified as rural roads. While these roads generate multiple benefits to the rural economy in both the commercial and social spheres, a large part of rural Bihar is deprived of these benefits due to the poor quality and limited coverage of the rural road network.

This poor state of the roads has become a critical issue for the Government since official data revealed that one person deceases in a road accident every two hours in the state, which it has caused that the fatalities in road accidents outnumber in criminal incidents. Further, we must add to this issue a high percentage of pedestrians, cyclists, and two or three wheelers that share the same roadway with larger motorized vehicles, generating high-risk situations.

For these reasons, enhance investments for the development of road infrastructure has enjoyed top priority especially in the last five years. Government of Bihar, through the Rural Works Department, is committed to improve the rural road infrastructure and taking measure in better maintenance of roads adopting best engineering practices to serve the target public. It also has initiated establishing a comprehensive rural road vision and strategy to address the key sector issues and achieve the goal of provide safe road access to all.

Eptisa will conduct safety audits in about 110,000 Km of rural roads in the state of Bihar following the approved methodology, checklists and procedures as per IRC SP-88 2010-Manual on Road Safety Audit and other safety manual.

More specifically, the objective of this project is to conduct Road Safety Audits during design, construction and after-completion stages, as well as develop and formulate a Road Safety Audit (RSA) Guide with the intention to bring about reduction in road accidents and fatalities. This will also help to create a benchmark or standard for other project roads belonging to the road network of the State of Bihar, including rural road corridors.

The project includes information about road safety, engineering, and accident data, which will support the government effort aimed at systematic reduction in accidents and improve the connectivity of rural roads with active participation of the concerned departments. Implementation of all the tasks as per ToR will strengthen capacity of the departments to respond to present roads scenario.

 Eptisa implements a new Road Safety Audit Project in the State of Bihar in India