Eptisa implemented a GIS solution for the optimization of the Water Network Management System of the city of Molina de Segura in Spain

In this first phase the solution, powered by Esri technology, allows to manage assets inventory and work with the network data

September 30, 2013

SERCOMOSA (the public water company of Molina de Segura city) awarded to Eptisa the implementation of a GIS solution, named NILO, to improve the management of the water supply and sewerage network system of Molina de Segura city in Murcia Region, Spain. In this phase, the main objective was the design of the water network data model in order to manage the assets inventory, classify elements and upload new network information. Based on this data model, Eptisa TI developed several editing tools for the automatic updating of network elements.

The solution, based on a Geographic Information System (GIS) powered by Esri technology, allows to georeference all elements on a map. The first steps of the project were import from CAD data network files into a geographic database (geodatabase).

In the following phases of the project a Geographic Web viewer will be developed, in order to enable the organization’s employees to browse the network maps, display needed content, and even make queries and searches for network items. It will also allow analyzing service outages, affected areas, etc., without having to be a GIS expert.

With this new project, Eptisa launches NILO, the GIS solution for small and medium Water Companies. Focused on cost saving through network management optimization, it is an affordable solution due to the agreement SUELA (Small Utilities License Agreement), a Esri’s three-year subscription that provides unlimited number of licenses. This allows an investment in technological solutions according to the needs of each project.

NILO provides a variety of out of the box tools which enable a quick implementation of the solution. It is worth mentioning one of the tools that stands out from the rest – destined for editing and maintenance of physical network inventory, as well as the tools for the integration with other systems within the organization such as the commercial or financial area. All these have been developed in a user-friendly and intuitive environment to minimize user training.

This new project adds to others engaged by Eptisa in the water sector, of which should be pointed out the development of the Corporate GIS System for the Canal de Isabel II (Public Water Company of Madrid) and for the Txingudi´s Water Company (Basque Country), and the latest awarded project: the GIS implementation for Drinking Water and Sewerage Service of Lima City in Peru.
 Eptisa implemented a GIS solution for the optimization of the Water Network Management System of the city of Molina de Segura in Spain