Eptisa has been awarded a new Project in Suceava County, Romania

The project will help the upgrading of water and wastewater Infrastructure in Suceava County

April 19, 2010

Eptisa Romania, in consortium with Eptisa Servicios de Ingenieria, has been awarded the Project "Technical Assistance for the preparation of the Cohesion Fund Application, the Tender Dossiers for the Works and Service Contracts and the Supervision of Works for the "Upgrading of Water and Wastewater Infrastructure in Suceava County"".

During the implementation of this project, that it will be 54 months long, Eptisa will provide support to ACET SA Suceava, a water and waste water operator, in order to ensure the compliance with the provisions of the European legislation in the environmental protection area; ensure the adequate absorption and use of European funds, developing projects in the water and wastewater sector; and achieve substantial savings in the operational costs involved in managing the water supply and wastewater systems

To achieve these objectives, Eptisa will have to prepare the Tender documentation and the related documents for the works and services contracts; provide specialized technical assistance during the implementation of the works and services contracts; provide support to the Project Implementation Unit (PIU) in order to improve its capacity to prepare, implement and monitor projects financed from external funds; and prepare Phase II investments including the revision of the Master Plan for water and wastewater services in Suceava County and preparation of the documentation, among other activities.

That project will benefit 5 urban agglomerations thanks to the 10 works contract for the rehabilitation, extension and construction of water and sewage networks with a total value of over 120 MEUR, and Eptisa will be responsible for the supervision.

This is the second project which will be implemented by EPTISA with ACET SA Suceava as Beneficiary in this region, after the ISPA Suceava Project "Technical Assistance for the management and supervision of the construction works".
 Eptisa has been awarded a new Project in Suceava County, Romania