Eptisa and JSTI hold the first corporate meeting "International Management Meeting"

100 people from the delegations of Eptisa, JSTI and TestAmerica attended the event

January 08, 2018

On December 18, 19 and 20, the first corporate meeting organized by Eptisa and JSTI in Madrid was held, named "International Management Meeting".

The event brought together 100 professionals from different international delegations as well as from various departments of Eptisa, and was attended by representatives of TestAmerica and JSTI.

Luis Villarroya, President and CEO of Eptisa, held the opening session of the meeting, which continued with the presentation of the results and the new business plan and reflections on new challenges and future opportunities.

During the meeting, in addition to the presentation of some outstanding projects of Eptisa, the companies that are part of the JSTI Group made their own presentations. TestAmerica, the leading US environmental testing company that also joined the group in 2016, was presented by Rachel Brydon Jannetta, President and CEO, y Scott Morris, Chief Operations Officer, and JSTI by Xinghua He, CMO, Head of Sales & Marketing Department Sales Executive, North & East China.

The event had a special moment in which JSTI Group Recognition Awards Ceremony was celebrated in Eptisa for the first time.

Every year JSTI recognizes induvial and team contributions for the organization and encourages its members to fully display their skills and values, making efforts to build a first in class team to grow together.With the aim to promote this culture, JSTI supports and encourages recognition of team and employee contributions, exemplary performance, and continuous service.

The winners, divided in four categories, were:

  • 5 Outstanding Employee Awards
  • 3 Outstanding Project Manager Awards
  • 1 Outstanding Project Award: Hidropower Project in Bolivia
  • 1 Outstanding Team Award: SEE Regional Office - Balkans

Peter Wang, Chairman of Eptisa and Vice Chairman of JSTI Group, closed the meeting on December 20 taking stock of the last year and expressed his satisfaction with the work done.