Eptisa achieves the first place in Top 100 Design Construction Companies in Romania

In the last five years Eptisa has appeared as one of the Top 10 companies in this classification

November 04, 2014

The Top "100 Design Construction Companies" has been published by IBC Focus, a market leader in monitoring and studying for leading projects and construction in Romania. The main objective of this classification is to bring together the most powerful Design Construction in the country.

This Top 100 classification was completed from the analysis of the revenue gained from design activities, the number of active construction projects from Romania (started or completed during 2014) and their value as well as analyzing financial data recorded in 2013.

In the last five years, Eptisa has been a permanent presence in Top 10 most powerful Design Construction Companies in Romania. And in 2014, Eptisa succeeded to occupy for the first time the highest position of the IBC Focus classification, after the sixth position occupied in 2013.

In 2014, Eptisa celebrates 20 years of presence in Romania, the first markets in East Europe in which Eptisa began its international activitiy, by advising the central administration on the strengthening of ministerial capabilities in areas such as water and environmental protection, health and transportation, through the development of policies, standards, legislation approximation for compliance with the acquis communautaire, cost estimate systems, financial planning and training.

 Eptisa achieves the first place in Top 100 Design Construction Companies in Romania

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