Eptisa will supervise the construction of two major tunnels in the Republic of Serbia

December 18 2012

The two twin-tubes - two-lane tunnels, Predejane (1.1 Km) and Manajle (1.8 Km), are part of the highway E-75, the most important road corridor in the Serbian network

Eptisa will carry out quality control during the construction of two roads in Bizkaia

December 11 2012

The construction of these roads is part of the Territorial Roads Sector Plan carried out by the Bizkaia's Provincial Administration

Eptisa will Support the Implementation and Operation of the Green Initiative Facility, a Major EU Programme on Energy Efficiency

December 03 2012

The new contract, financed by the European Investment Bank (EIB), aims to promote the implementation of EU programmes on energy efficiency (EE) in the EU and its Candidate Countries

Eptisa will develop a Real State Registry Information System (SIRI) in Costa Rica

November 21 2012

The SIRI is aimed to the use and integrated administration of cadastre information and its relation with all the registry data of the lands of the country

Eptisa will provide technical assistance for works supervision for the extension and rehabilitation of water infrastructure in Romania

November 19 2012

The project will be carried out in Arges County until July 2016

Eptisa will lead the implementation of the Technical Assistance to the Regional Housing Programme in the Western Balkans

November 12 2012

The project, funded by the European Union and managed by the Council of Europe Development Bank, aims at the provision of durable housing solutions for the refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs) after the armed conflicts in the Western Balkans during the nineties

Eptisa will provide technical assistance and construction supervision for Ceyhan waste water and stormwater project in Turkey

November 07 2012

The project will have 46 months of duration

Eptisa has awarded a new technical assistance project for the institutional strengthening of the Environment, Biodiversity, Climatic Changes and Forests Development Management Vice Ministry (EVM) of Bolivia

November 05 2012

The contract is part of the PACSBio, which has as aim the biodiversity conservation and the sustainable development in Bolivia

Eptisa inks a new contract in the field of water infrastructure in Romania

October 31 2012

The project consist of the modernization of the drinking and waste water infrastructure in Caras Severin County

Eptisa launches RMS Road Management System, a solution for the treatment and professional management for information associated with transport infrastructure

October 29 2012

The platform has four modalities which allow performing asset management, as well as preventive and corrective maintenance of the infrastructures and its elements

Eptisa will draw up the detailed design of a new section of the Donostialdea Metro in the Basque Country, Spain

October 25 2012

The project will develop the Altza - Galtzaraborda section during 12 months

Eptisa Awarded with a New Major Motorway Supervision Project in Bosnia and Herzegovina

October 15 2012

A Consortium composed by Eptisa and IRD Engineering has inked a 4 million Euro contract aimed to build 36.6 new kilometres of the motorway Banja Luka – Doboj in Bosnia and Herzegovina

New contract to carry out the cadastral regularization in four municipalities located in Chiquimula Department, Guatemala

October 08 2012

Eptisa will carry out the cadastral and limited land regularization processes during 24 months

Eptisa will prepare an Energy Efficiency Study in the Building Sector in Kosovo*

October 01 2012

The project is financed by the World Bank and aims to achieve an efficient consumption of energy in public, commercial, and residential buildings.

Eptisa has been awarded the project entitled Technical Assistance for Institutional Strengthening of Mozambique's Ministry of Health

September 24 2012

The overall objective of this project is to strengthen and develop the planning, management, and evaluation process in the health care sector