Study trip on coastal management addressed to Algerian institutions

The program of activities led to an exchange of experiences between Algerian and Spanish professionals from the sector

June 21, 2017

As part of the activities of the Programme to Support the Environmental Sector in Algeria (PAPSE) whose Technical Assistance is led by Eptisa, a study trip across Spain has been organized in march for a group of 13 Algerian officials coming from different institutions (Ministry of Water and Environment, Development Centre of Biologic Resources, National Coastal Commission, Climate Change National Agency).

The schedule of the trip, organized around the core topic "Integral management and vulnerability of the coastal area" offered the opportunity to establish a direct contact with several companies, universities and institutions active in the entire peninsula. The tour included the Spanish Agency of Climate Change, the company Tragsatec, the Ministry of Agriculture and Fishing, Alimentation and Environment and the Study Centre of Ports and Coasts in Madrid, the Environmental Hydraulics Institute in Santander, and the Institute of Sea Sciences in Barcelona.

In addition to personalized visits to the facilities of each entity, the Algerian officials could benefit from presentations carried out by their teams, to which representatives from the Mediterranean Center EUCC, the SGR Interfase and the Centre of Advanced Studies of Blanes (CEAB) also participated. These experts offered a more technical analysis of the role of Spain and its involvement into coast’s management and protection.

The trip allowed creating synergies between professionals from both countries, leading to productive exchanges about management modalities which gave the opportunity to deepen some of the most relevant aspects of the PAPSE Programme.

The evaluations from the participants have been positive and this first exchange will probably give way to further collaborations.

 Study trip on coastal management addressed to Algerian institutions