Opinion: Mr. Rudy Martínez

Summary of the presentation carried out by Mr. Rudy Martínez in Eptisa about the "Commitment and Development" program, funded by the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation

December 01, 2011

Eptisa had the chance to meet Rudy Martínez, Business and Development Coordinator of ONGAWA's (previously, Engineers Without Borders). Mr. Martínez introduced the "Commitment and Development" program, funded by the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation, whose aim is to further engage businesses in cooperation and development.

This program is a good example of how the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation plans to improve the impact of businesses on developing countries by organizing on-site activities. In countries such as Nicaragua, Mozambique, and Peru, the Agency has developed partnerships between the different actors (Public Authorities, Universities, Businesses, etc.) in order to create synergies and activities in the field of education for development such as sectoral tables, a newsletter, online courses, trade fairs, or a web page of the program.

As a result of the dramatic situation that part of the world's population is going through, businesses are developing their social and environmental action strategy, introducing it into their business strategy agendas, and they are making major commitments in this sense. This corporate social responsibility improves the social recognition of the company and its own sustainability, and it creates wealth, jobs, and technology. However, it could also have a negative impact if these actions are not responsibly implemented, if the specifics of the local (social, ecological, economic...) environment are not taken into account or if those actions are not consistent with local policies and strategies.

The "Commitment and Development" Program aims at advising businesses in order for them to include responsible actions in their strategy for the benefit of both interest groups and businesses. The meeting allowed us to get to know the program better and brought into view some collaboration opportunities between our organizations.
 Opinion: Mr. Rudy Martínez