Completion of the PASCAL project "Support Programme for the Public Administration Reform" in Dominican Republic

After 31 months of implementation, technical assistance has contributed to an effective process of reform and modernization of the Public Administration in the country

June 21, 2017

The Technical Assistance (TA) to the PASCAL Programme, provided by the company Eptisa during more than 30 months, has oriented the Support Programme for the Public Administration Reform towards an effective process of comprehensive reform of Public Administration and State Action on the territory.

Thus, it has contributed in a meaningful way to the definition of an essential leaps’ strategy to allow the passage from a context characterized by low trust and "clientelism", to a reality where all the local public administration work hard to carry on a legal compliance. Furthermore, it has enabled a second leap, reaching a context of quality improvement in the providing of municipalities’ services from these administrations. It has then outlined a continuity efforts’ strategy to develop the local administrations until turning them into true agents of local development.

On the other hand, and using the SISMAP Municipal tool, it has strengthened relevant actors in the sector of public management. It not only benefited the Ministry of Public Administration - receptor of the budget support from the Programme - but also governing bodies such as INAP, DGODT, DGEI, FEDOMU, etc. It is important to highlight the efforts of the TA to favour inter-institutional spaces of coordination, which have resulted for example in the AT impulse to the creation of the Presidential Commission of Municipal Reform, facilitator agent between the local and national systems of public administration and driving force of an integral municipal reform.

From a more global point of view, it has contributed to a general change of the games rules through two relevant processes: the visibility of a need to create a typology of local administration adapted to several factors of context, and the momentum and creation of an Organic Law of Local Administration, which has been recently approved.

 Completion of the PASCAL project