Closing ceremony of the training cycle addressed to public officials in Haiti

Representatives of the main institutions involved in the organization of the cycle attended the event

June 21, 2017

After eight months of implementation, on 9 June was held the closing ceremony of the training cycle about "Public Management Techniques" addressed to Haitian public officials. This cycle has been organized in the framework of the Budget Support Program for the Haitian State consolidation, funded by the European Union and whose technical assistance is being carried out by Eptisa.

From October 2016 to June 2017, 60 officials from 37 different institutions have participated to the cycle. During this activity they have attended a practical and theoretical training delivered by local and international (from the ENA[1]) trainers. Thanks to a coaching provided by the French cooperation, the officials could also benefit from a personalized accompaniment for the development and implementation of personal projects with the aim to improve the services in their own institutions.

The certificate provided to the participants is accredited by the ENA.

The closing ceremony, attended by the team of Eptisa, included representatives of the ENA and its Haitian homologue, the National School of Administration and Public Policies (ENAPP) both very committed to the cycle. Also presents, the French Ambassador in Haiti, the European Union Ambassador in Haiti as well as the spokesperson of the Prime Minister, the Minister of Education and the Coordinator of the National Office of Management and Human Resources.

The ambassador of the European Union, Vincent Dégert, has stressed that the main goal of the Programme is to allow the Haitian State to have a modern and efficient administration, able to earn the trust of citizens.

[1] French National School of Administration

Photo: Office de Management et des Ressources Humaines

 Closing ceremony of the training cycle addressed to public officials in Haiti