Eptisa participates in the "MUNIN" project to improve the competitiveness of the municipalities of Madrid in Spain

After the meeting organized by the Madrid Federation of Municipalities, a second phase and a roadmap has been planned for the next months

February 16, 2017

During the last months, the Madrid Federation of Municipalities has presented the project "Smart Municipalities" (MUNIN) in the four districts in which the region of Madrid has been divided to develop this important initiative.

The MUNIN project is aimed to unite and coordinate the efforts and work of companies, universities and public administrations through grants for the design of programs and projects in order to achieve resources that improve the competitiveness of municipalities by implementing innovative processes based on the use of ICT. This will allow a modernization and local digital transformation according to the needs of each municipality.

Eptisa, which has signed an agreement of collaboration to join the MUNIN project, participated along with 60 other companies and city councils in the meeting organized by the Madrid Federation of Municipalities to plan the second phase of the project and establish a roadmap for the next months.

Within this group of companies, Eptisa provides the know-how of an innovative model of urban regeneration with the aim of improving mobility and urban planning, reducing pollution, strengthening the population's livelihood through the generation of economic activity and employment as well as dynamize the socio-economic district by increasing social cohesion and citizen participation.

In addition, Eptisa also aims to bring each of the municipalities to a sustainable urban development with the supervision, control and data acquisition from GIS, sensing of instrumentation and control technologies and SCADA, all integrated in a platform of Information, Communication and Control of Technologies.

This "integrated tool" or "information system" for the management of infrastructures and networks is based on the use of GIS and SCADA technologies for georeferencing, real-time monitoring networks, telecontrol, automated control networks applied to different sectors and infrastructures, which will optimize the total management of the infrastructures related to the municipality.

That is, real time data and geospatial information from different sources related to infrastructures, users, social indicators, etc. will be unified in the same application.

 Eptisa participates in the