NKE5. Team Leader – Energy Efficiency -policy, regulatory, institutional expert. (senior +20 years)

Senior Expert in Africa (1 vacancy)
  • Registration deadline: 2019/07/10
  • Contracting company: Eptisa, Servicios de ingeniería, S.L.
  • Reference: NKE5 - SE4ALL



NKE5. Team Leader – Energy Efficiency -policy, regulatory, institutional expert. (senior +20 years)


The place of work will be the premise of the African Union in Addis Ababa, short-term missions in Africa , as well as the home-base of the expert


Sustainable Energy for All (SE4ALL)



Support to AUC for the implementation, coordination and monitoring of the Electricity Harmonization Regulatory Strategy and Action Plan

Overall objective of this mission:

Development of a harmonized electricity market in Africa by supporting the AUC/Department of Infrastructure and Energy (DIE) in implementing and monitoring actions foreseen in the adopted Electricity Harmonization Regulatory Strategy and Action Plan.

Specific Role of this position:

  • The TL has the responsibility of reporting to the supervising Key Expert, the EU Delegation and any other stakeholders, coordinating the team, contributing to the specific technical activities and assuring the quality, timing and comprehensiveness of the assignment’s deliverables. The work load of each member of the team has to be well-balanced and in accordance with the foreseen working days. The TL coordination and management activities will not exceed 6-8% of the TL position’s working days.
  • Responsible for the implementation of the ToR
  • Prepare the Weekly Mission Note for every week spent on the field
  • Coordinating, amalgamating and reporting


Total number of working days* 257

Home based wd 135

missions and traveling wd 22

*total nº of working days estimated to be confirmed by EC

** Public holidays and weekends are not considered to be performed unless, prior agreement of the delegation or DEVCO C6 is required prior to the delivery of these days.

Début End of July (tentative)

Minimum requirements

Qualification and skills

  • University degree in Engineering, Energy or related field
  • MSc and/or PhD
  • Excellent working knowledge of English

Professional experience

  • Energy efficiency expertise including leadership in programme, policy/strategy/ models, regulatory and institutional projects
  • Experience with MEPS and energy labeling
  • Experience with appliance Test Laboratories scopes and accreditation
  • Knowledge of the Standard bodies and accreditation bodies
  • Experience with M&E systems and quality assurance
  • Technical know how on off-grid systems and related appliances
  • Working experience of market surveillance and knowledge management and transfer platforms
  • Minimum 20 years of general professional experience
  • Experience in the development and cooperation sector with DEVCO or other international partners is a significant advantage
  • Experience in Africa is required

Other Skills

  • Good knowledge of the energy institutions in the African Union, regional and national (RECS/CREEEs, Standard /accreditation bodies, regulators) is a significant advantage.
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Excellent stakeholder and expert co-ordination, negotiation and mediation skills

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