Technical assistance to the Municipal Infrastructure Support Programme in Serbia (MISP)

- European Comission

The municipal infrastructure includes the environmental sectors managed by the Public Service Companies, Social and economical Infrastructure
Sector Hydrological Planning (Water and Environment)
Water Treatment Plants (Water and Environment)
Industrial Environment (Water and Environment)
CountrySerbia (Europe)


The EU-financed programme has two main aims: firstly to provide technical support to Serbian municipalities in the planning and rollout of municipal infrastructure projects and secondly, to supply legal and technical support to encourage the concession of certain municipal services through Public-Private Partnerships.

Thanks to this contract, the Eptisa team is conducting several feasibility and environmental impact studies for the construction of municipal landfills, wastewater treatment plants and water supply networks and drinking water treatment plants. Eptisa is also conducting the works supervision of several water and sanitation infrastructure constructions and, finally, is supplying technical support to encourage improvements in the management of public municipal service companies.

Results can be divided into three components:

Component I - Improved institutional and regulatory framework for municipal infrastructure services and support for PUC reform:

  • Continued and enhanced cooperation between national, regional and local bodies on the necessary legal, institutional, and fiscal reforms needed to further promote decentralised municipal infrastructure services;
  • New laws, regulations and procedures in the area of municipal infrastructure, identified as a priority in the Strategy for PUC Reform and aligned with EU standards, including reforms to administrative relationships between Municipalities and PUCs prepared and implemented;
  • Increased Inter-municipal cooperation on regional infrastructure services and the establishment of regional PUCs;
  • National Strategy for PUC Reform and Action plan for the transformation of PUCs implemented;
  • Enhanced technical, financial and personnel management of municipal departments and PUCs through the introduction of modern management systems and procedures.

Component II - Improved municipal infrastructure programming and project preparation:

  • Improved co-ordination of municipal investment programming by national, regional and local bodies;
  • Enhanced capacities and capabilities of municipal, PUC staff and other selected organisations for preparing infrastructure projects;
  • Prioritised municipal infrastructure projects meeting identified sector needs are adequately prepared for funding, including finalised feasibility studies and updating of design and tender documents.

Component III - Implementation of selected municipal infrastructure projects:

  • Employer / Contracting Authority supported in Tendering and Municipal Project Implementation Unit (PIU) staff trained in Employer’s Duties;
  • Priority Works Contracts successfully implemented and supervised.

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