Technical Assistance services for the preparation of the Financing Application for accessing the savings registered within the projects financed through SOP Environment 2007-2013

Through this contract, Eptisa provided Technical Assistance for the Financing Application in view of accessing the savings registered within the project financed from Sectoral Operational Project Environment
Duration April - May 2015
Sector Hydraulic Infrastructure (Water and Environment)
CountryRomania (Europe)


Eptisa provided the technical assistance services in compliance with the legislation in force, including Law 10/1995 regarding the quality in construction. The services performed included:

  • performance of geographical and topographical studies;
  • technical expertise for constructions and installations as per according to the provisions of Law 10/1995 regarding the quality in construction;
  • elaboration of the technical project and tender dossier in accordance with GEO 34/2006;
  • technical assistance and support to the beneficiary in order to obtain the necessary permits according with the urbanism certificates;
  • elaboration of the Technical Documentation necessary for the Construction Authorization.