Technical Assistance for Works Supervision and site engineering for the project "Rehabilitation of the Heating System in Iasi Municipality"

The works of the project have as objective the modernization of the centralized heating system for conformity with the environmental protection legislation on air emissions and increase the heating supply efficiency
Duration September 2011 - May 2015
Sector Industrial Environment (Water and Environment)
Energy (Buildings, Energy and Industry)
CountryRomania (Europe)


Eptisa will act as Supervision Consultant acting as "The Engineer" under the Conditions of Contract for Constructions, based on FIDIC Red and Yellow Book and in accordance with the Law 10/1995 for quality in constructions for the supervision of six works contracts for the rehabilitation of Iasi heating system, thus covering all 6 contract stages: Pre-construction, Mobilization, Construction, Works Contracts Close Out, Defects Notification Period, Contract Completion. The works contracts include the following activities:

  • Modernization of the hot water tanks;
  • Modernization of the steam tank;
  • Desulphuration installation;
  • System for collection of the dry ashes;
  • Modernization of the heat transport pumps within the two heating stations;
  • Modernization of the second line of the heat transport network

Implementation of the project will have as result a successfully implementation of the six works contracts in the appropriate time, costs and quality as agreed in the project and according to the Financing Decision and in compliance with the conditions included in the Financing Memorandum.


  • Construction Supervision according to FIDIC Condition of contracts and Law no. 10/1995 on quality on constructions.
  • Review and approval of Contractor’s work programme
  • Approval of Contractor’s equipments
  • Quality control

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