Technical Assistance for the establishment of Municipal Business Centres in Kosovo

The project aims to carry out an integration of business services


The TA will support the establishment of Municipal Business Centres (MBC) so they can provide the following business services:

  1. Provide business entities with comprehensive information about the requirements and procedures for obtaining licenses and permits related to business life-cycle;
  2. Receive applications and the required supporting documents from business entities for issuance of permits, register the documents, and pass them on to the relevant permit-issuing authorities;
  3. Facilitate coordination and ensure proper document flow between permit-issuing authorities;
  4. Ensure that permit-issuing authorities adhere to the time frames established for processing of paperwork and issuance of permit documents;
  5. Provide electronic filing of registration to the Kosovo Business Registration Agency;
  6. Issue municipal licenses and permits, including construction related permits, permits for placement of outdoor advertisements or placement of small architectural forms, permits aimed at public safety and health, work safety, etc.;
  7. accept documentation for other relevant public authorities such as Tax Administration, etc. if and where feasible;
  8. Provide any other relevant institutional services that will improve the municipal business environment.

The MBC will thus integrate the businesses┬ĺ interactions with various registration, licensing and other bodies into a single point of contact based on a streamlined approach that allows to limit duplication and corruption by reducing the number of officials interacting directly with entrepreneurs.