Technical Assistance for the Design and Management of the Project "Extension and Modernisation of the Water Supply and Sewerage - Wastewater Treatment Systems in Botosani County"

The project represents an important step for the improvement of the water supply and sewerage networks
Duration September 2013 - March 2018
Sector Hydraulic Infrastructure (Water and Environment)
CountryRomania (Europe)


Eptisa will provide design and management support to the Contracting Authority for successful project implementation, according to the Financing Contract, by developing the following activities:

  • Elaboration of the permitting documentation, of the technical expertise, technical designs, technical documentation for building permit, technical documentation for demolition and contract award documentation.
  • Technical and legal support during public procurement procedures.
  • Technical assistance as designer during works execution;
  • Update the General Estimation for the Construction Works as well as the related documents
  • Update the Master Plan for the water supply and sewage system at county leve, including the priority investment plans for 2014 - 2018
  • Update the management strategy of the sludge resulted from the technological process from the treatment stations;
  • Provide adequate project publicity and public awareness on the construction works within the Project
  • Develop all activities and elaborate all documents necessary for Project completion

The project covers 4 agglomerations for the rehabilitation and constructions of the sewage infrastructure: Botosani, Dorohoi, Flamanzi, Vorona and 5 areas for improvement of the water supply system: Botosani, Dorohoi, Flamanzi, Vorona, Stefanesti-Saveni and will consist of the following activities: construction of a culvert pipe from Prut water source, construction of a water treatment and of a sludge line for the existing treatment plants, rehabilitation and extension of the water supply networks, rehabilitation and extension of the wastewater collector and treatment systems.

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