Technical assistance for the control and supervision of the platform construction works of the Elorrio - Atxondo Section of the High-Speed Railway Line Vitoria/Gasteiz-Bilbao-San Sebastian

It's planned the construction of three viaducts
Sector Railways (Transport)
CountrySpain (Europe)


The section is 2.6 kilometres long and runs entirely through the Municipality of Elorrio in Bizkaia. Throughout its layout, it is planned that the project will require the construction of the viaducts of Kinatoi (880 metres long), the viaduct over the Zabaleta River (320 metres long) and the Larrazabal River (200 metres long).

The services provided by Eptisa involve analysing the design of the project, technical assistance to the Construction Management, supervision and monitoring the implementation and development of the ContractorÂ’s Q.A.P., monitoring and checking the quality control of the works, quantitative control of the completed works, study the modification proposed, support to arranging the expropriation procedures, control and complying with the regulations in force in health & safety matters while the works are being carried out.