Technical assistance and FIDIC works supervision during project implementation in Bistrita, Romania

ISPA Bistrita project is aiming at improving the drinking water treatment and water supply system, as well as the wastewater collecting system in Bistrita city and neighboring localities, for a population equivalent of 120.000 inhabitants
Duration March 2006 - January 2011
Sector Hydraulic Infrastructure (Water and Environment)
Water Treatment Plants (Water and Environment)
CountryRomania (Europe)


The detailed designs and the tender dossiers for FIDIC - Red Book contract and the preliminary designs and the tender dossiers for FIDIC - Yellow Book contract have been verified.


Activities include supervision of the two works contracts:

  • Rehabilitation of drinking water treatment plant located in Bistrita Bargaului and introduction of the sludge processing module for drinking water treatment plant in Bistrita city (FIDIC - Yellow Book contract) and,
  • Rehabilitation and extension of the drinking water supply and sewage networks (FIDIC - Red Book), respectively 112 km of pipes network for drinking water supply and 144 km of sewage pipes network, including various types of wastewater pumping stations.

AQUABIS has been assisted in order to increase its managerial potential, as well as adequate publicity of ISPA Measure by public awareness activities.

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