Surface Water Information System

Development of a new system e-SWIS: web and GIS Surface Water Information System
Sector Hydrological Planning (Water and Environment)
Solutions for the Public Sector (Information Technology)
CountryIndia (Asia and the Middle East)


The starting point of this project was the granting of a loan from the International Bank of Reconstruction and Development to the Government of India towards the cost of Hydrology Project Phase-II so it was intended that part of the proceeds of this loan were applied to payments under the agreement resulting from this IBF: “Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Surface Water Information System”.

The procurement is focused on using open source software, replacing the underlaying database system that the Central Water Commission is using for central storage of hydro-meteorological data, replacing the existing system for validation and data processing, moving data entry from stand alone systems to a web environment, and providing the web services required for data dissemination that, among other tasks, allow the support of the Flood Warning functions.

The new system, e-SWIS (web and GIS Surface Water Information System) will be implemented in participating Agencies in Hydrology Project II, and potentially in all States and UTs of India.


  • Review of the existing Databases, System Design, and Processes
  • System design for data-flow, storage, dissemination, web platforms and GIS components and processes.
  • Development and implementation of the software using open source software in a phased manner.
  • Migration of the existing data from HIS databases (i.e. SWDES/WISDOM/HYMOS)
  • Training to different section of staff (i.e. end users, administrators, etc.)
  • Documentation, online help, real-time help.
  • Warranty (three years) and maintenance (seven years) for the next ten years