Supervision of the reconstruction of the Trans-European Corridor VIII in the Republic of Macedonia

Reconstruction of the 30 km-long railway line between the towns of Kumanovo and Beljakovce
Sector Railways (Transport)
CountryMacedonia (Europe)


The Trans-European Corridor VIII is the main axis connecting the Adriatic Sea with the Black Sea, through Italy, Albania, Macedonia, and Bulgaria.

In the Republic of Macedonia, the Trans-European Corridor VIII is 313 km-long, of which only 154 km are built. The construction of the missing parts, from Kumanovo to the Bulgarian border (eastern part) and from Kicevo to the Albanian border (western part), is supported by the Government’s national transport strategy, where it is set as the biggest priority for the coming decade in the field of transport infrastructure.


Supervision of the civil works that comprise earth works of 130,000 m³, rail replacement, new tracks including ballasting for 9.9 km, 9 platforms, 3 passenger buildings, 4 ancillary buildings, 3 water treatment plants, 31.2 km of signalling and telecommunications, and approximately 45 structures (bridges, over/underpasses, galleries, culverts, retaining walls, and others).