Supervision of the infrastructure works of the Llobregat Delta Agreement

- Barcelona Port Authority

Technical assistance for the supervision of the infrastructure works of the Delta Agreement
Sector Airports (Transport)
Ports (Transport)
CountrySpain (Europe)


The project consists of the compilation of environmental monitoring information about the development of the enlargement works at Barcelona's airport and port and the alteration of the course of the Llobregat River with the aim of subsequently inform to the local institutions and the citizens.

Also, interventions have been made to help getting a better coordination in the execution of the works.


The technical assistance services were done in the following works:

  • Enlargement of Barcelona's airport.
    • Enlargement of the current terminals.
    • Flying field and airplanes platform.
    • New terminal area.
    • Road access and urbanizations.
    • Environmental actions.
  • Diversion of the Llobregat River.
  • Wastewater treatment plant and collectors.
    • Wastewater treatment, collectors and submarine duct.
    • Re-use of the waters from the wastewater treatment plant.
  • Enlargement of the port.
    • Correction measures in the coast.
    • South and east Protection dike
    • Terminals and wharf.
    • ZAL phase 2.
    • Lane accesses.
    • Railway accesses