Subasi Wind Farm, Turkey

Geotechnical and hydrologic studies for total area and foundation design for Turbines and Permanent Met Mast
Sector Energy (Buildings, Energy and Industry)
CountryTurkey (Europe)


Subasi will be the first wind farm of Iberdrola in Turkey, its location is in Edirne Province, close to border with Greece. The main data of wind farm are:

  • Total Power: 48 MW
  • Nº of Turbines: 29 Wind Turbines
  • Nº of Permanent Met Masts: 2 units.
  • It includes works for Substation area and Control Building.
The total investment of Iberdola for this Project is around 100 ME.


The services to be provided by Eptisa in this Project are:

  • Geotechnical Study for total area
  • Hydrologic Study for total area
  • Foundation Design for Turbines and Permanent Met Mast.
We provide to the client our know-how about the Turkey standards and the knowledge on the strong requirements of the one of the leaders in renewable energy in the world.