References in Water Treatment Plants

The project consists in investments for water treatment and distribution, and wastewater collection and treatment in Teleorman County, having the objective to connect the citizens of these areas to the local water supply and sewerage system
The municipal infrastructure includes the environmental sectors managed by the Public Service Companies, Social and economical Infrastructure
Project to design and to determine the implementation conditions of the SCADA
The current TA aims to achieve the necessary documents to obtain co-financing from the European Union for water and wastewater infrastructure works in Iasi County and to support afterwards APAVITAL S.A. in the project implementation
The scope of the contract consists in assuring supervision services for the implementation of 6 works contracts, Yellow FIDIC type, for their best management and the successful implementation of the Project
The object of the contract consists in assuring site engineering services and technical assistance for finalization of three works contracts
Eptisa will elaborate the necessary technical-economic documentations for obtaining the co-financing from the European Union in view of the sustainable supply of all inhabitants in the areas served
Technical assistance for Works Supervision of the project
Preparation of Financing Application and Tender Documentation
Eptisa will act as Consultant for the supervision of 3 works contracts for the improvement and extension of the drinking water distribution and also for the wastewater collection in Cluj county.
Technical assistance for project implementation and for works supervision of the project
Project to improve water supply and sanitation in the cities of Osh and Jalal-Abad and in Bazar-Korgon
The general objective of the project is to improve the water and wastewater infrastructure in 5 localities in Buzau County
Project for the rehabilitation of the WWTP of Crispijana and the necessary upgrades to comply with the EU Directives on urban wastewaters
The project consisted of the works supervision of the design-build of a new Wastewater Treatment Plant and Motogeneration in the Guadalajara Region
The overall objective of the project is the reduced regional disparities in Croatia
The project is aimed to contribute to the improvement of the health and environmental conditions in the coastal regions
The overall objective is strengthening the protection of the water resources, water quality and public health in the West Morava river basin
The overall objective of the project is to achieve wastewater quality complying with the EU Directives related to wastewater collection and treatment in Prilep
The project aims to help Montenegro tackle some of these deficiencies, in particular by reinforcing Government’s capacity to take appropriate actions to solve some of the mentioned weaknesses
As Consultant, Eptisa will provide support to the Beneficiary in the project management and works supervision activities
The purpose of the project is to improve the water/wastewater infrastructure in Bistrita-Nasaud County, for compliance with the requirements of SOP Environment and European Directives on drinking water quality.
Eptisa in association (50%) with Aqualia Infraestructuras SA will be responsible for the technical, structural and architectural design
Turnkey Project for a WWTP to cover a population of 8,000 people
Turnkey Project for a wastewater treatment plant for a population of 42,000 people
Turnkey Project for a Wastewater Treatment Plant to cover a population of 5,040 people
Turnkey project for a WWTP to cover a population of 17,500 people.
This is the first project in Romania where Eptisa performs both design and execution of the works for the rehabilitation of a wastewater treatment plant, respectively of Zimnicea WWTP, with a total capacity of 14.800 EP.
The main objective is to sustain the Beneficiary in the management of the project "Rehabilitation of the drinking water supply and sewerage systems in Giurgiu County - Slobozia, Bolintin Vale and Mihailesti agglomerations".
Eptisa provides technical assistance for S.C. APAVITAL S.A. Iasi for the remaining of works execution time and the Defects Notification Time
ISPA Suceava project aims to improve treatment system and drinking water distribution and collection of the waste water in Suceava.
ISPA Bistrita project is aiming at improving the drinking water treatment and water supply system, as well as the wastewater collecting system in Bistrita city and neighboring localities, for a population equivalent of 120.000 inhabitants
The project regards the improvement of the water and wastewater infrastructure in Ramnicu Valcea (108.000 inhabitants) to achieve compliance with Romanian Legislation and the EU Acquis Communautaire.
The project assessed the implementation costs of the major investment Directives
The two phases of the project offer assistance to the Beneficiary in the procurement and management process of the ISPA Craiova Measure and ensures supervision of the works contracts, according to FIDIC conditions of the contract.
The Technical Assistance offered within this project was for the elaboration of the ISPA application
Eptisa prepared the Feasibility Study and the details of execution for the water supply, waste water collection systems and waste water treatment systems