References in Roads

Departments South, Grande-Anse, Nippes, West and Nord
Construction design and technical assistance for the improvement of the M-50 highway
The project objective is related to the assurance of security, safety and confort conditions for the habitants of Henri Coanda housing complex
The road section Tashkent-Angren will be used as a model to be applied for other road sections on the Second CAREC Corridor 2 Road Investment Program
Integrated approach to urban environmental improvement in vulnerable coastal towns of Bangladesh
The main goal of the project was to ensure that the design of new sections meet high safety standards and that selected unimproved sections are subject to a coordinated road safety management plan.
The Consortium formed by Eptisa-Intecsa has drawn up a number of different detailed designs
The works are carried out between kilometre points 724 and 741. Section: Crevilllente (Link with the AP-7) – Orihuela/Benferri Link Road
The A-66 Highway “Ruta de la Plata” is one of Spain’s principal communication routes
Project to monitor the slope at 418 kilometre point of the A-6, in the Trabadelo municipality
The overall objective of the project was to provide a full set of design and construction standards for the use on future projects.
The scheme includes 60 km of mainline and 50 km of ancillary and access roads.
The new road is part of the Pan-European Corridor X and consists of 60 kilometers of dual carriageway
The project aimed to help Serbia tackle some deficiencies, in particular by ascertaining the feasibility of improving the road Novi Sad - Sabac - Pozega
Supervision of Construction Works on Belgrade By-Pass, Section A, Batajnica - Dobanovci
The N-25 Bypass project comprises the design and construction of 18 Km of new dual carriageway
Eptisa participates in the most important infrastructure Project in Florida
Audits and Quality Control of the co-funded by European Funds projects in Greece
The study was done over 89.7 Km of the A-40 highway
Informative Study and lay-out design of the structural network to equip Sector II in Huesca
Technical assistance to the Administration to build, operate and maintenance the Viñedos highway
A very complex project due to its extremely various objectives which included supervision of 10 works contracts for the rehabilitation of the tourism infrastructure, transport infrastructure and business infrastructure.
The project strengthened the administrative capacity of the structures within the road sector by improving the knowledge and skills of the staff involved in the management of the structural instruments
The overall objective of this project is to facilitate the successful completion of the infrastructure projects selected to be financed under Phare 2005 ESC (Economic and Social Cohesion)
The project improved the road safety by developing a comprehensive revision of the existing norms and standards.
The project increased the road safety in Romania and improved the traffic safety in localities or on the road sections affected by a significant number of accidents.
The project represented complementary services to the Phare Project for "Strengthening the Local Environmental Protection Agencies (LEPAs) and establish the Regional Environmental Protection Agencies (REPAs)"
The project provided a safer road infrastructure through the implementation of a road safety audit system, including legislative and institutional framework providing all guiding procedures for operating of the system.