References in Public Financial Management & Budget Support

Assessment of the likely significant environmental effects of the implementation of the Greater Baku Regional Development Plan.
Technical assistance to the European Commission in the program monitoring and in the political dialogue with the Government of Morocco
The contract is part of the PACSBio, which has as aim the biodiversity conservation and the sustainable development in Bolivia
Eptisa elaborates the Financing Application and the tender dossiers for several works contracts sustained from the Sectoral Operational Programme (SOP) Environment 1 savings
Promotion of a higher degree of social cohesion by strengthening state institutions and other civil society organizations
The “POFI” project focuses its support in upgrading public management capacities in the PRORUAL sector as well as in the Ministry of Home Affairs
This project is designed to support public investment/capital budget planning processes in Serbia at strategic/policy and operational levels according to EU best practices
A series of measures have been planned within the framework of the Modernization Plan of the Financial Administration System
Technical Assistance services will be provided in order to support the institutional strengthening of the National Council for Food Security
Implementation of a Medium Term Expenditure Framework (MTEF)
Technical assistance for the identification and formulation of the first Sectorial Wide Approach operation of the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation in the Dominican Republic
Technical assistance services for the Finance Ministry of Guatemala