References in Industrial Environment

The overall objective is to contribute to the peace, stability, security and prosperity of the Eastern Partner Countries and to protect the environment, the population, the cultural heritage, the resources and the infrastructures of the region
The works of the project have as objective the modernization of the centralized heating system for conformity with the environmental protection legislation on air emissions and increase the heating supply efficiency
Project to improve waste governance within the countries of the European Neighbourhood and Partnership Region
As a Consultant, Eptisa will provide high quality supervision services of the works contracts
Eptisa will manage and supervise the construction works and fulfils the Engineer's duties, according to the national and European standards
The facility will be located on a plot measuring around 44,000 m2
Assistance in Regional & Municipal Waste Management Planning, Implementation & Enforcement of Legal Requirements in Waste Management Sector
The overall objective of the project implemented by the Consortium Ramboll - Eptisa - Project Management, is to improve environmental conditions through the establishment of environmentally sound management of hazardous wastes (HW)
The purpose of this project is preparation of a comprehensive Feasibility Study, and Environmental Impact Assessment and the preparation of a Short Term Investment Programme, that will improve the waste management services in the three municipalities
Eptisa carry out the preparation of 3 separate investment plans, ISPA application forms and sets of tender documents
Project to support the remediation of industrial hotspots on an environmentally and financially sustainable manner by promoting donor funding to the sector
Project to assist the Kosovo Trust Agency (KTA) to undertake corporate restructuring of seven regional wastes and three irrigation Publicly Owned Enterprises
The overall objective of this project is to improve the quality of the natural environment and health of the population through improved hazardous waste management
The municipal infrastructure includes the environmental sectors managed by the Public Service Companies, Social and economical Infrastructure
This project strengthened the institutional capacity of the Romanian authorities to implement the IPPC and LCP Directives.
A joint air quality management program had been elaborated for the Romanian Region along the Bulgarian border of the Lower Danube River.
The project addressed the industrial pollution with significant impact on human health and improvement of the environmental management and natural resources, in accordance with EU requirements.