References in Hydrological Planning

The municipal infrastructure includes the environmental sectors managed by the Public Service Companies, Social and economical Infrastructure
Collaboration with the Guadiana Hydrographic Confederation technically supporting and supervising the introduction of the control nodes of the network in the basin
Preliminary studies for the implementation of drinking water extraction wells
Development of a new system e-SWIS: web and GIS Surface Water Information System
As a result of the approval of the Spanish Law regulating the Integral Water Cycle, Eptisa was contracted to draw up a new Water Supply Master Plan for the Region of Castilla-La Mancha
The project was designed to assist the fYR Macedonia in entering into joint efforts with Greece to improve cooperation on river basin planning and water management
Bosnia and Herzegovina is ensuring the protection and rational use of its water resources by application of Integrated Water Management principles in accordance with EU Water Framework Directive
Project to support the “Public Water Company for Adriatic Sea Catchment”
The overall objective of the project is to improve the water quality of the Kura River
Management of the information existing and generated in the Hydrological Planning Office of the Confederación Hidrográfica del Duero.
Project for the Water Directorate of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management
Definition and implementation of the basic transboundary water management tools including a joint monitoring programme of transboundary aquifers in Dobrudja/Dobrogea area
Collaboration on Duero's basin planning following the criterion and guidance of the Administration, and redaction of the Basin Hydrological Plan
The project shall support and develop the local institutional capacity to implement the project.
The project aimed to strengthen the institutional capacity of the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development to implement and enforce the environmental acquis in the field of water quality for human consumption.
The project assisted the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Environment to align with the Member States in terms of legislation and making the necessary steps to implement the Directives related to drinking water quality and bathing water.