References in Hydraulic Infrastructure

Assistance to the Uzbek Communal Services Agency in supervising and administering the design and construction of the individual sub-projects
Program to improve life quality and level of the population settled in Parroquia Catia La Mar, Venezuela.
The project objective is related to the assurance of security, safety and confort conditions for the habitants of Henri Coanda housing complex
The current TA aims to achieve the necessary documents to obtain co-financing from the European Union for water and wastewater infrastructure works in Iasi County and to support afterwards APAVITAL S.A. in the project implementation
The scope of the contract consists in assuring supervision services for the implementation of 6 works contracts, Yellow FIDIC type, for their best management and the successful implementation of the Project
Eptisa will elaborate the necessary technical-economic documentations for obtaining the co-financing from the European Union in view of the sustainable supply of all inhabitants in the areas served
Through this contract, Eptisa provided Technical Assistance for the Financing Application in view of accessing the savings registered within the project financed from Sectoral Operational Project Environment
Eptisa will provide Technical Assistance to the Contracting Authority as project management, advertising and supervision of works services.
Technical assistance for Works Supervision of the project
Preparation of Financing Application and Tender Documentation
Eptisa will act as Consultant for the supervision of 3 works contracts for the improvement and extension of the drinking water distribution and also for the wastewater collection in Cluj county.
Technical assistance for project implementation and for works supervision of the project
The aim of the project is to design a stand-alone grant investment project for increased farm incomes in the Chubek Irrigation System area
Project to improve the accessibility, quality and efficiency of local infrastructure services
Integrated approach to urban environmental improvement in vulnerable coastal towns of Bangladesh
The six selected towns are Chiatura, Khashuri, Ozurgeti, Poti, Sagarejo and Zestaponi
It is part of the Water and Sanitation Programme aimed at the construction and rehabilitation of water supply and sanitation infrastructure in several municipalities
The project is implemented in the regions of Kvemo Kartli (Marneuli District) and Shida Kartli (Kaspi District)
The objective of this ADB Program is to improve water supply and sewerage networks in Georgia.
The general objective of the Contract is to improve the life standard in Romania, as reflected by the environmental quality and the population’s health
Eptisa will provide technical assistance to the Contracting Authority, S.C. APAVIL SA VALCEA, for construction works supervision
The project consists of investments for the water treatment and distribution and wastewater collection and treatment that would be implemented for the urban areas of Arges County
Within the present contract, Eptisa will provide management support to the Contracting Authority for a successful project implementation, in accordance with the provisions of the Financing Contract
The overall objective of the project is to achieve a high level of environmental protection and compliance with the EU wastewater sector directives
Project to improve water supply and sanitation in the cities of Osh and Jalal-Abad and in Bazar-Korgon
Technical assistance for project management and works supervision
This is the second phase of Coastal Cities Environmental Sanitation Programme
Eptisa will provide technical assistance to the Beneficiary ensuring an efficient management for project implementation
Eptisa will provide supervision services for the implementation of 13 contracts for the improvement of the water supply and sewage services in Dolj County.
The general objective of the project is to improve the water and wastewater infrastructure in 5 localities in Buzau County
The dam currently has a surface-level spillway whose capacity has been found to be insufficient
This project forms part of the National Reservoir Programme with High Hydroelectric Potential (PNBEPH) and is being implemented by the Portuguese government
Installation of a three electronic siren system designed to warn the local population of flooding
This facility belongs to the Alcoa Europe aluminium smelting plant in San Ciprián (Lugo, Spain).
The overall objective of the project is to prepare the Croatian public administration for effective participation in the EU Cohesion Policy
Project to support the “Public Water Company for Adriatic Sea Catchment”
Project to design and to determine the implementation conditions of the SCADA
Project to improve the quality of life and health conditions in the two areas of Termez City and Surkhandarya, through the improvement of basic potable water supplies
The overall objective of the project is the reduced regional disparities in Croatia
Geotechnical, hydraulic and civil engineering works for the definition of all the works that form part of construction of the hydroelectric plant
Supervision of six works contracts in Moldova Republic for the rehabilitation and extension of the regional water supply and sewage system
As Consultant, Eptisa will provide support to the Beneficiary in the project management and works supervision activities
The purpose of the project is to improve the water/wastewater infrastructure in Bistrita-Nasaud County, for compliance with the requirements of SOP Environment and European Directives on drinking water quality.
Design, development and implementation of a Web Based GIS in six towns of Georgia
The project consisted of a study designed to assist the World Bank to review and assess of the Water/ Wastewater and Solid Waste Investment Program and identify projects eligible by the Bank
The project’s main objective is the elaboration of a draft plan for the construction of a solar photovoltaic plant and an Eolic Park in Tierra Estella, Navarra
The project has been designed to assist Serbia in the harmonization with the European Flood Directive in the fulfillment of its obligations in the integrated management of hydraulic resources field and the global protection against floods
Turnkey project in the cities of Livingston (Izabal) and Esquipulas (Chiquimula)
The implementation area of the project covers the geographical areas of Valle, Francisco Morazán, El Paraíso, Olancho, Colón and Gracias a Dios
Technical assistance for the detail design project of the distribution branch-line
Collaboration on Duero's basin planning following the criterion and guidance of the Administration, and redaction of the Basin Hydrological Plan
Technical assistance for the elaboration of the construction project of the water collector in the coast of Mundaka ria.
Operation and maintenance to guarantee security in dams and reservoirs of Lleida, Tarragona and Huesca
Technical support for the detail design project: 1st Phase. "South branch-line to Torrelaguna – Internal artery R-2"
Project that is part of the Regional Programme for the Reconstruction of Central America
Eptisa supports ACET Suceava in identifying and developing new projects in water and wastewater field, assuring that financing from the EU is obtained and funds are adequately used, as well as supervising the works contracts.
The main purpose of the project is to improve the quality and access to the water and sewerage infrastructure by providing water supply and sewerage services according to the UE policy and practice.
The project shall contribute to the strengthening of the institutional capacity of Gorj Regional Water Company, Apa Regio S.A. Tg. Jiu, to implement the project financed by SOP Environment in accordance with the provisions of the Financing Memorandum
The project contributes to the implementation of an integrated solid waste management system, according to EU standards
Eptisa provides technical assistance to the Beneficiary and supervised four works contracts
Eptisa provides technical assistance for S.C. APAVITAL S.A. Iasi for the remaining of works execution time and the Defects Notification Time
The main objective is to sustain the Beneficiary in the management of the project "Rehabilitation of the drinking water supply and sewerage systems in Giurgiu County - Slobozia, Bolintin Vale and Mihailesti agglomerations".
The project, component of Timisoara ISPA Measure, aims to strengthen the institutional capacity of Aquatim and the regionalization of water and sewerage services in Timis County
ISPA Suceava project aims to improve treatment system and drinking water distribution and collection of the waste water in Suceava.
Eptisa elaborates 5 projects in the water infrastructure to the point where they can be proposed for EU co-financing from structural instruments (Cohesion Fund).
Eptisa provided assistance to the Beneficiary for the administration of the works contract in order to finalize them in the time, costs, quality and safety parameters contractually agreed
ISPA Bistrita project is aiming at improving the drinking water treatment and water supply system, as well as the wastewater collecting system in Bistrita city and neighboring localities, for a population equivalent of 120.000 inhabitants
The project has supervised the works of modernization and rehabilitation of the water supply networks and mounting the connecting pipes, for new consumers, and the water meters in 39 locations.
The project regards the improvement of the water and wastewater infrastructure in Ramnicu Valcea (108.000 inhabitants) to achieve compliance with Romanian Legislation and the EU Acquis Communautaire.
The Technical Assistance offered within this project was for the elaboration of the ISPA application
Eptisa prepared the Feasibility Study and the details of execution for the water supply, waste water collection systems and waste water treatment systems