References in Economic Development

Economic development project to improve the life conditions of the population of Costa Rica’s Central Valley
The project expects to generate job opportunities in mining regions by developing the artisanal mining sector and by diversifying economic activities
Strengthening the institutional capacities of the Ministry when it comes to analyzing, formulating and implementing trade, industrial and competitiveness policies
The project aims to improve the institutional capacities and capabilities at a county-wide and local municipal level to facilitate and support joint public and private sector economic development initiatives
Technical assistance for the improvement of life conditions for the inhabitants of Excelsior
Project to establish and maintain a Monitoring and Learning Facility (MLF) as part of the Programme to support pro-poor policy development in South Africa (PSPPD)
The project aims to carry out an integration of business services
The local administration strengthened its institutional capacity to implement sustained investments in rural infrastructure and to raise the access of the inhabitants from rural environment to social services and to improve some services
Technical assistance in the preparation, management, execution, follow up and evaluation of development projects in regions in the north of Morocco
The Project affects 40,000 persons from the departments of Quiché, Alta Verapaz y Petén in Guatemala
This is a programme focused on promoting the regional integration and the increase of competitiveness of the Dominican Republic in the global market