Road Safety Management Plan for the Kakheti Regional Roads Improvement Project

The main goal of the project was to ensure that the design of new sections meet high safety standards and that selected unimproved sections are subject to a coordinated road safety management plan.
Duration October 2010 - April 2011
Sector Roads (Transport)
CountryGeorgia (Europe)


Georgia Government is establishing more effective traffic policing capability through developing Georgia Traffic Safety Generic Strategy and multi-sector road safety action plan.

In September 2010 the World Bank awarded Eptisa with the services contract for a 1 year Kakheti Region Road Improvement Project.

The aim of the project was preparation and implementation of road safety management plan for the roads circuit Vaziani-Telavi-Gurjaani-Vaziani. The Vaziani-Gombori-Telavi section is subject to substantial improvement under KRRIP, remaining sections are subject to low cost road safety improvement measures, aiming to reduce deaths by 30% by 2013 compared with 2008.