Rehabilitation of the Fishing Port in Tavira (Portugal)

Recuperation of the original Project from 1997 according to the new geological information and space occupation.
Sector Ports (Transport)
CountryPortugal (Europe)


The area of implementation of the new port consists on the flooding of terrain in the right bank of Gilão River. The original project from 1997 was not executed, that is why in 2009 the project was retrieved together with the need of update according to the new conditions.

The main changes to carry out are the stability calculation of the docks of blocks on the basis of the geotechnical campaign dated 2008, the transformation of the dock into slopes and vertical docks and the link of the new roads and buildings constructed since then and affect the access and the port's landscape integration.

There are also included the archaeological exploration works of the divers.


The project's execution was consisted of:

  • Archeological, topographic and bathymetric study.
  • Measuring of docks in prefabricated concrete blocks.
  • Study of the port's configuration.
  • Removal the fuel station to the interior of the port.
  • Equipment's installation.
  • Placing the signalizing.