Project of the Sector II in Huesca within the PLAN RED of the Aragón government

- Government of Aragon

Informative Study and lay-out design of the structural network to equip Sector II in Huesca
Sector Roads (Transport)
CountrySpain (Europe)


Sector 2HU has approximately 289 Km of structural network of which a 46% have been upgraded, a new lay-out has been projected for 6% of the network and pavement reinforcement has been designed for the 48%, being all of them conventional roads with two lanes, one in each direction. This network includes a total of 18 different roads.

The projected activities in these roads are the following:

  • New lay-out for roads
  • Integral upgrade of the existing roads: platform widening or lay-out improvement
  • Rehabilitation of pavement: pavement reinforcement and renewal of friction course
  • Proper maintenance and cleaning of the ditches and existing drainage structures
  • Upgrading the signs, pavement markings and guardrails in the existing roads already upgraded.


    • Informative Study: the Environmental Impact Assessments are included for the environmental approval process of the project, definition and analysis of the layout options and alternatives activities, profitability study, multicriteria analysis and the selection of the most suitable alternative.
    • Layout project: it has been divided into segments each one of the roads included in Sector 2HU, projecting, in each case, the necessary works: improvement of the layout, enlargement of the platform or pavement reinforcement.